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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas at the Zosel's

On December 23, all the Zosel kids were home and we celebrated Christmas early to they were open to go to the inlaws on the 25th. Brian, Rachel and Logan headed for Rockford about noon on the 24th. Paul, Sherri, Katie and Zack stayed in Duluth on the 24th to get ready to join her parents for Christmas the following day. Brenda and Sam are here yet today and will leave for home in the Cities this afternoon. Dave, Joanne, Jackie, Alex and Nick are with us again today and will head for Ironwood, MI on Monday.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Blue Flag, a wild iris in a wetland nearby our home in Lake Nebagamon.
photo by CZ

I am just starting to try to learn to ID dragonflies. I think this dragonfly is a stream cruiser sitting on a yarrow near our house.
photo by CZ

This is patches the cat observing a red-bellied snake this morning
photo by CZ

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Chuck o' the Woods

Welcome to the newest site on the web! This is an exciting planet in cyberspace where Chuck o' the Woods rules. Mostly Chuck justs posts some of his fine nature pictures and maybe even some of his grandkids get into the act too. Here we go!

Picture of the Day

Chuck diligently tending the wood fire at the sugarbush, where he and John Woodbury make maple syrup every spring.
photo by CZ

Pink Ladyslippers were blooming in late May in the bog behind my house.
photo by CZ