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Friday, April 29, 2011

Back to Eagle River

On Thursday morning in Seward we were greeted with sunny skies.
Our third floor motel room opened on a view of the harbor and mountain range directly east.  We headed out to Historic Seward downtown and a hippyish coffee internet cafe where we had a coupon for a free Belgian waffle.  It was a pretty good and reasonable place to eat with just one hippy doing the cooking, cash register and serving. 
We then hit the road over the pass and to the wildlife conservation center near the end of Turn Again Arm. There we saw woodland bison, moose, caribou, brown bears, black bears and more. 
We stopped in Girdwood for lunch.  Logan had an exotic meal of macaroni and cheese.  Then on north to Anchorage and Eagle River, arriving home about 3:30, the end of a stupendous trip. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our Visit to Seward, Alaska

On Wednesday morning we left Logan's house in Eagle River to head for the Kenai Peninsula.  Driving through Anchorage and along the Turnagain Arm of Cook Inlet, we then mounted Turnagain pass and down to Seward.  The 150 mile trip took us about 3 hours.  Logan was an excellent traveler only asking 'when we would get there' a time or two along the way.  We stopped for gas at Gridwood and then again for a few minutes at the top of the pass.  Roads were good, traffic was light and scenery was top notch.  Seward is a coastal town on the east side of the kenai Peninsula.  Tourism is a major industry here, with cruise ships, whale watching tours, charter fishing, the Sea Life Center and visits to the Exit Glacier.  We arrived in Seward about 12:30 and went directly to the Sea Life Center.  We ate a small lunch in the parking lot which Grandma had prepared for us and then embarked on our sea life adventure.

The Sea Life Center

Logan and Grandma just inches away from a passing sea lion
Logan along with several other school children are allowed to actually touch sea urchins, anemones and other small sea creatures.
I believe the Sea Life Center in Seward must be the finest display of ocean life anywhere.  They have live seals, fish, birds and invertebrates of all kinds, displayed in a simulated natural environment.  You can observe them from the surface or underwater.  It is very interesting and entertaining.  Many of the sea birds are extremely colorful and unusual from a midwestern viewpoint.  Like a loon they are also expert swimmers and may be viewed underwater pursueing their prey of small fish.  There were many school children on class trips at the aquarium as well. 

Off to Exit Glacier

View as close as we could get to Exit Glacier
After our visit to the Sea Life Center, we drove the ten miles out to Exit Glacier.  In summer you can drive almost up to the end of the glacier and then walk the rest of the way.  However, this time of year the road is closed about two miles short of it's end.  Still, an impressive sight. 

Waterfront Playground

Logan and friends having big time at the playground
After the glacier visit, Grandpa wanted to check out the shore for seashells.  There was a park and playground at the waterfront, so while Grandma watched, Logan burned off some energy along with the local kids at the playground.  Not a great variety of shells there just some barnacles and mussels, but fun just to walk along the shore and look.  By then it was getting towards supper time, so we looked for a place to eat.  We finally settled on a Mexican shop where Eve and I had halibut tacos and Logan had a cheese Quesedilla.  After supper, we walked to a nearby geocache, which we found and then to the motel. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter with the Calivas'

Brian and Rachel with Alexis 2 mo and Logan 6 yrs
On Easter morning we  went to Sunday services at a nearby Assembly of God Church.  The people were friendly there and the worship music and message was good.  Afterwards, we hid some (real) eggs in the backyard for Logan to find.  Later, Logan and I flew his Buzz Lightyear around the back yard  while Brian cooked a good ham dinner. After dinner while we were waiting for Grandma's luscious layer cake to be served, we sat in a circle and played the Easter Egg Game where we each drew a numbered plastic egg out of a basket.  Opening them in chronological order, the item inside (cross, rock, etc.) tell the Biblical story of the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior.  Appropriately, the last egg is EMPTY!  HE IS RISEN! 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

flying High

Logan's kite flies high toward the mountains.
Friday we went out to the Lion's Park to fly Logan's kite.  There was a goodly breeze, so the kite flew high in the sky.  As you can see Eagle River is nestled in the mountains.  The weather here is similar to what we left in Wisconsin.  However, there are still stubborn patches of snow in shady spots.  The lakes remain iced over and snow lingers in higher elevations.  Logan's dad Brian being an Air Force Sargent was able to offer technical assistance in flying the kite.

Logan Finds First Geocache

Logan and Grandma geocaching
On Friday, we went out to a ball field to fly a kite with Logan and Brian.  Then we went to find the nearest geocache.  There are zillions of caches close by.  We ended up logging 4 of them by Saturday.