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Thursday, October 07, 2010

A Most Unusual Rock

This unusual rock was found on Isle of the Pines, Knife Lake
On the first of October, Woodchuck, Dave and Elron headed for Knife Lake on the Canadian border where they would hunt for the famous bacon stripe rock once a favorite of the "Root Beer Lady".  According to Woodchuck, the expedition pushed over 14 miles into the wilderness of lakes and rock, requiring 2 portages of 1/2 mile each.  To add to the challenge, the canoeists were headed into the wind the entire time coming and going.  "It was worth it", said Woodchuck, " You don't see a rock like this everyday!"  Two of the three days were sunny and mild, the scenery was magnificent and the fall colors were at their peak. 


  1. Isn't this about the craziest rock you've ever seen?

  2. This boulder is just a 'chip' off the old block. In other words, somewhere there is a large mass of this same rock formation. This unique boulder is called an erratic, a piece broken off the larger structure and moved to this vicinity by a glacier.