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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Snow Snakes Alive!

This snow snake awaits a victim to fall upon
Over the years, I have spent many a day trudging through the snow near and far.  I had heard old timers speak of strange wild creatures and not being one to doubt those more experienced than I, I kept an open mind.  All these years and my attention to the unusual was finally rewarded.  In the rugged area behind our home known as groovy gully, a favorite place for the grandkids to slide on Christmas Eve, I was on snowshoes packing the snow for the annual slide-a-thon.  When I heard a definite hissss coming from above my head, I jumped back just in time to avoid being struck by the biggest snow snake I had ever seen!  Forgetting the danger, I quickly grabbed my camera and got this shot to prove to those who would doubt that such a creature exists in the wilds of Lake Nebagamon. 

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