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Sunday, February 20, 2011

God Bless America?

I wrote the following for the Duluth News Tribune.  It appeared in the Sunday, February 20, 2011 Edition. 

 “God Bless America”!   How can He?  Since the Supreme Court made abortion at any stage of pregnancy a ‘woman’s right’, we have disposed of (murdered) over 50 million unborn babies.  Not “fetuses”; babies.  The same God who is the author of our freedom has “created us in His image” Genesis 1:27 and “formed us in the womb” Psalm 139:13.   Our country’s founders based our Declaration of Independence on this premise. 
By far, most abortions are done for ‘convenience, not for the health of the mother. 

President Obama has supported government funding of embryonic stem cell research which requires the sacrifice of a living human embryo.  Yet according to David A. Prentice, PH.D. of the Family Research Council, “despite over 12 years of promises, embryonic stem cells still have not helped a single patient”. To the contrary, adult stem cell research has proven success at saving lives and improving health on a daily basis. Cancers, spinal cord injury, heart damage, MS and many other diseases have been successfully treated with stem cells taken from adult donors and the patients themselves. 

Health Care Reform Act advocates have defended government supported ‘end of life counseling’ proposed by the law.  Yet, a sensitive reading of that portion of the law makes it clear that the intention of the law is to reduce health care expenditures by encouraging the elderly and other terminal cases to opt for the economical rather than the personal choice.  Indeed, to die in these cases rather than to continue expensive treatment would save us all money.  But would it be the moral thing to do?  That is an issue to be considered by the patient and family.  Involvement by government leverage would be entirely inappropriate. 

“God Bless America?”  Only when we repent of our ungodly attitude. 

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