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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter with the Calivas'

Brian and Rachel with Alexis 2 mo and Logan 6 yrs
On Easter morning we  went to Sunday services at a nearby Assembly of God Church.  The people were friendly there and the worship music and message was good.  Afterwards, we hid some (real) eggs in the backyard for Logan to find.  Later, Logan and I flew his Buzz Lightyear around the back yard  while Brian cooked a good ham dinner. After dinner while we were waiting for Grandma's luscious layer cake to be served, we sat in a circle and played the Easter Egg Game where we each drew a numbered plastic egg out of a basket.  Opening them in chronological order, the item inside (cross, rock, etc.) tell the Biblical story of the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior.  Appropriately, the last egg is EMPTY!  HE IS RISEN! 

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