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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Saw the Cedars

300 year old western red cedars make up a remnant grove that survived a 1926 forest fire
One of the stops that was on our 'must see' list was the Hanna Grove of old growth cedars.  Even though this was in an area of ponderosa, white and lodgepole pine, it was a springy damp area and so was spared a devastating forest fire in 1926.  This was on a tract of land that a family by the name of Hanna had claimed, but when they saw the sized of the trees, they moved on to find a claim with less daunting-sized trees to use to build their cabin.  Some of these trees were 4 feet in diameter and over 100 feet tall.  Loggers were only interested in white pine at this time. 

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