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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Brenda's "Boys"

Riley at left and Reggie on the right in the back yard
Riley and Reggie are Brenda's "boys".  They sleep in the house at night, but live and play in the back yard during the day.  Riley is the lead dog.  Reggie is mild mannered and will do whatever Riley says.  One day, I made the mistake of leaving the yard fence gate open for a minute . . . too long.  Riley looks at Reggie and says, "Now's our chance, lets go for it!"  Off they went into the neighborhood.  I spotted them right away, but it was too late.
I knew I was in trouble with Brenda, so I immediately set about rounding them up.  It didn't take long to herd Reggie back to the security of the fenced-in backyard.  Riley was not so easily subdued.  Up and down the street I went talking kindly, "come on Riley, I just want to pet you and scratch under your chin.  I won't grab you, honest, I won't make you go back into the confinement of the back yard.  Really Riley; pretty please, won't you just come to old Grandpa?"

So went the humiliating pursuit.  Up the street and back again. Neighbors stood at their windows, chuckling to themselves as this old geezer approached Riley to almost within reach and then scampered way, enjoying the 'game'.  As we went by Brenda's one more time, Eve stood outside with the gate open.  For some unknown reason Riley took off for the home gate as if to say, "finally, why didn't you ask me before?"   The dog hunt was over.  Riley was home once again in the backyard haunt with ol' buddy Reggie.

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