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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Obama Administration Pro-Abortion

I wrote the following article for the Superior Telegram in August 2012.

Everyone knows we have crucial state and national elections coming up this fall.  Our current president claims to be a Christian, but his polices demonstrate the opposite.  Jesus came that we might have life.  Contrarily, our President has demonstrated his willingness to promote death as the most pro-abortion president in history.  According to the newsletter of Wisconsin Right to Life,  “Obama supports the Roe v. Wade decision which legalizes abortion for any reason throughout pregnancy; taxpayer funding of abortions here and overseas; taxpayer funding of abortion providers; sex-selective abortion; partial-birth abortions; no conscience rights for medical professionals; pro-abortion judges; Obamacare which funds abortions and rations care; and much more.”

What will Americans do?  If we persist in defending abortion as “a woman’s right to her own body”, we will be opposing God, the Creator of life.  Abortion is just one tip of the “iceberg” called sin.  It is because of our rebellion against God that we find ourselves in the mess America is in right now with political rancor, materialism, greed, deliberate unhealthy behaviors and general discontent. 

The terms, Christian and Church have lost their original meaning.  Christian was first applied to those in a first century church in Turkey and literally means “little Christs” or Christ followers.  A Church was an assembly of those Christ followers.  Today, in our culture, those terms popularly apply to anything vaguely related to historic Christianity.  We often hide behind the fa├žade of institutionalized religion, which blinds the masses.

To save our selves, let alone our country, there must be a turning back to the foundations of true Christianity - Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible.  Those who agree should pray for all men and those in authority that righteousness will reign in America. 

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