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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Canoe For Sale

My handcrafted cedar strip canoe is for sale.  Note the inlaid spruce design of western red cedar
Several years ago, I purchased a used cedar strip canoe from a friend.  My original interest was to procure a light-weight canoe and this one weighs 48 pounds.  The beauty of the craft was a bonus.  Where ever I stop with the canoe on my pickup, people gather around, admire it and ask if I built it.  The canoe was actually built by Dusty Waters Canoe Works, Iowa City, IA in 1980 with western red cedar hull and ash thwarts. The wood core lies between 2 layers of fiberglass, so it is plenty durable. The hull is designed for racing.  The stern and bow seats are of caning material.  The friend who sold this to me specially built the ash portaging yoke. 

The reason I am selling it is because I like to canoe on the Brule River which is somewhat rocky and though this canoe is no whimp, I can't bear the thought of banging up this work of art.  I am asking $1200 with which I hope to buy a tough and lightweight canoe which is more appropriate for use on the Brule.

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