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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hello Rockies!

Dedicated geocacher, Eve zeros in on a cache in Superior, MT
We launched from the picturesque town of Bozeman, at about 8am once again and raced our shadow westward.  Not far out of Bozeman we began to encounter some serious mountains.  There was new snow visible in the upper reaches of the rockies.  The eastern approach to the rockies on highway 90 is one of the most scenic stretches to be seen.  Some patches of Mountain pine beetle were scattered along the road.  Passing by Butte and its huge open pit copper mines, we arrived at Missoula around 11, somewhat earlier than we had anticipated and exited the freeway.  We gave 2nd cousin Jean Zosel a call and she graciously adjusted her schedule to have an early lunch with us.  We met Jean at her office in downtown Missoula where she is the general manager of the NBC TV affiliate.  We walked a block down the street where we enjoyed a delicious lunch and enjoyable visit.  Leaving Jean at her office we headed back to the autobahn and once again propelled our hybrid westward.  Still comfortably on schedule, we made stops at Superior and Regis, Mt to do a little more geocaching before entering the Pacific time zone at the Idaho border. 

 We arrived at Couer d'Alene about 4, having covered another 350 miles.  Brenda guided us to our weekend digs at the Pita Pit House.  Very nice.  Thanks Pita Pit!  We joined up with friend John and did a few geocaches around CDL before having our evening meal with Brenda at a local funky place. 

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