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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pretty - But Don't Touch!

Rhus Radicans Poison Ivy - don't touch

Today was another pleasant low-key day in CDA.  Brenda was feeling a little better today, so she stopped over and we went to the Costco Store.  Sort of like Sam's Club - very big and very busy - good prices.  Then we went downtown to Hudson's Hamburgers, a long time tradition in CDA.  The 17 counter stools were filled and people were lined up waiting to sit down or just to order. We took our order to go - very good.  Then Brenda dropped me off at Tubb's Hill where I made my annual hike around the hill.  Brenda and Eve did some geocaching and picked me up after I made the circuit in about 40 minutes.  A good workout.
Then off for a few more geocaches.  When we were doing one cache along the lakeshore, we passed some pretty, bright red plants which I recognized as the dreaded poison ivy.  Nice fall color.  Notice the white berries in the photo; another tip off identifying the itchy stuff.
Brenda went home for a while and will return to send us off for our 47th anniversary dinner at Angelo's, an Italian restaurant just a few blocks from our house.

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