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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yes Virginia, There is a Ferry

The ferry boat arrives at Balfour
We departed Ainsworth Hot Springs this morning at just after 8 am.   It had rained hard over night, but was starting to clear by now and the temperature was pleasant.  It was just a 15 minute drive to the ferry dock at Balfour.  We were the first in line for the next ferry departing at 10:50.  We had plenty of time to look around and relax.  There were a few souvenoir shops, bakery, cafe and a small park with some natural resource interpretive signs.  We perused the interpretive signs and while Eve checked out the shops, I wandered down to the ferry dock and chatted with a couple of other passengers who happened to be from Holland.  Soon the ferry pulled into the dock and it was time to load.  The trip to Crawford Bay took about 40 minutes and was a pleasant and scenic ride.  It reminded me of when I worked in SE Alaska.  We left the ship and enjoyed the winding and scenic drive to Creston, BC.  There we stopped by the Creston Wildlife Area where we had our picnic lunch and walked one of their trails and climbed the viewing tower.  Not much for migrating waterfowl, but we enjoyed seeing the geese, grebes, dragonflies, damselflies and a redbellied snake.  From there we went through US Customs, picked up a couple of caches in Bonner's Ferry, Id and arrived in Coeur d'Alene around 5 pm.  Brenda came by the house at 6 and drove us to the Texas Road House where we met John for supper.  A long, but good day. 

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