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Friday, September 17, 2010

Oregon Grape

This is Oregon Grape.  It is wild, not a grape.
Friday was a low-key day in CDA.  This morning Eve and I hung out at the house reading and doing wash.  I went for a couple of walks.  At noon, we met Brenda at the hotel for her Rotary lunch meeting.  At the meeting Brenda gave a presentation as a chairman of the Rose sale fund raiser.  We heard lots of nice compliments of our daughter.  We are proud parents! After the meeting we dropped Brenda off at work and went back to the house.  Mid afternoon we went down to the downtown/waterfront area to do a few geocaches -one by the library, one on Tubbs Hill and a couple more on the beach.  On the way back to the car, we met a guy from Virginia who was trying to identify the trees in the park.  There are a variety of trees there most of them super large.  One, even the forester from Wisconsin couldn't identify.  The guy from Virginia thought it might be American chestnut which would be a pretty rare tree.  I will check it out on the internet.
Brenda was going to make spaghetti for us for supper, but mid afternoon she called from work and said she had a bad headache and blurry vision.  She thought it might be a migraine.  She went home.  We hope she is feeling better tomorrow!

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